Zobacz pełną wersję : WP7 Desktop Marketplace

18.01.11, 16:36
Dzięki tej aplikacji możemy pobrać pliki xap na komputer z WP7 marketu


Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for Windows PC is an application suite. There is one application to search the Marketplace application catalog, other can download the xap packages and the last one can deploy any application to a WP7 device or emulator. Intended only for testing free apps and your own apps.

** Version 1.2 or newer: now display only fully free applications (not trials/paid/device branded apps) following the xda anti-piracy policy **


* New deploy options ("Don't ask me again" feature) v1.3
* Fixes in the deployer as standalone v1.3
* Desktop access for Phone 7 Marketplace
* Background downloader
* Automated deployer
* Locale support + Quick actions now supported to deploy and save (hold shift and click)
* Deployer now show options when executed as standalone
* Search results now support viewing items as details, list or tiles (right click an empty zone to switch view mode)
* Minor visual improvements


* Windows Phone 7 device (unlocked) or emulator
* Windows PC with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
* It should require the Windows Phone SDK because the dependency of Microsoft.Smartdevice.Connectivity.dll assembly